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Vioxx Contribued to Heart Attack

A pathologist testified Wednesday that Merck & Co. Inc.'s Vioxx played a contributing role in the death of a man who took the drug for less than a month, according to media reports."It is my opinion that it contributed to his death," Dr. Colin Bloor testified, according an Associated Press report.

In a Houston federal court, the doctor testified that Richard Irvin, 53 when he died in 2001, was otherwise healthy when he had a fatal heart attack, according to the reports.

The doctor also said Irvin's death was caused by a sudden blood clot in one of his arteries, according to report.

Merck's defense lawyer challenged the pathologist on inconsistencies, according to the reports.
Vioxx, a painkiller, was pulled from the market at the end of September 2004 over concerns that it caused cardiovascular troubles.

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