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Vioxx Lawsuit Mistrial Declared

A U.S. judge on Monday declared a mistrial in the first federal lawsuit against Merck and its painkiller Vioxx.

A nine member jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict after deliberating since Thursday on whether Vioxx had contributed to the heart attack death of a Florida man in 2001.

Merck pulled the drug off the market in September last year after it said it had become clear that long-term usage of Vioxx could double users' risk of heart attack or stroke.

In August, Merck was found liable for the death of a Texas man in state court. A second trial in New Jersey state court exonerated the company in the death of another man.

Merck faces more than 7,000 lawsuits claiming it hid the risks of heart attack and stroke linked to its blockbuster drug Vioxx.

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